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Beeswax Wrap Kit (Mystery Fabric)

Beeswax Wrap Kit (Mystery Fabric)

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Reusable and sustainable alternative to single use Saran Wrap and plastic containers in the kitchen. Wrap cheese, sandwiches, bowls, baking dishes, leftovers, or any other reason for Saran Wrap use. Wraps can be put in the refrigerator or freezer.

Perfectly preserved by bees, made imperfectly by hands. Each wax kit comes with 5 wraps. We strive to use all of our fabric to reduce waste. Each kit comes with in depth care instructions, please keep this handy until you feel confident in taking care of them. 

Kit contains: 1 4inx4in, 2 8inx8in, and 2 12inx12in beeswax wrapS 

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